Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brain Fog

So of course the one day that I'm supposed to get up at the crack of dawn would be the one day that I oversleep.  This is, coincidentally, the one day that I'm grateful Blake has taken to banging on my door first thing in the morning, because otherwise, I wouldn't have even woken up when I did.

Somehow, we actually managed to get on the road on time and get to my doctor in Raleigh on time, which I frankly can't remember the last time either of those things happened.

I love my doctor.  She's the best.  I've never had a doctor who has treated me with as much respect as she does or listened to me as much as she does.  Basically the only reason I had to make this appointment today, aside from the fact that with everything that has happened in the past few months and I haven't seen her since before I was in the hospital so it was probably good to have a follow-up, was that I needed the neurologic and musculoskeletal sections of my DMV paperwork filled out (since my muscle weakness issues are due to congenital nerve/brain damage, she had to be the one to fill that out).  But we updated her on everything and she seems to be totally on board with what Duke's headache clinic has been doing and plans to do.

So it looks like I'll be getting Botox treatment, which means I get a needle shoved into my head 33 times one day next month.  Fun times!

Then she gave me some "acute relief" shots which means I basically get a few hours where my head isn't making me want to scream or cry or do both at the same time.  Granted, things will return to normal tomorrow, but the few hours of lessened are highly appreciated.  Somehow I managed to stay awake for the entire car ride, which is a small miracle for me, but I passed out pretty much as soon as I got home and slept until 7:00 when this time, my mother was banging on my door instead of Blake.  Apparently eating is just a tad bit crucial to life.  How about that?

And yeah, now I'm going back to sleep because the powers of Demerol, Toradol, and Phenergan shot directly into your body are pretty powerful.  It's been 12 hours and I still can't think straight.

Yay brain fog.

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