Thursday, July 25, 2013

Girl Talk

God bless NyQuil.  I have not sneezed constantly today, and my head feels so much better.  I'm not 100% yet, but I'm getting there.

Feeling better means I finally got some more GRE work done.  I hadn't got any done for a few days because of Mom's stuff and then just feeling awful.

Then, I got to have a very long chat with Kyla, which has not happened in quite some time.  Some of it was just simple girl talk, which is always good and fun, but most of it was just us listening to each other and giving advice on issues we're each facing.  She definitely helped me a lot and had tons of Godly wisdom and somehow knew exactly what I needed to hear.  I am not ready to talk about what she helped me with, and I'm not sure if or when I will.  It's...special.  And important to me.  And I want to figure out what is going on and where things are going to go before I share it with anyone else.  What's really important is how this reminded me again just how valuable girlfriends are.  They have the ability to know when you need advice and when you just need someone to listen.  And Kyla knows me and my personality so well that she always get it right.  It still cracks me up that the first time I'll meet her is about 3 days before she gets married. :)

Shane passed away last night.  Prayers for Mandy's family are appreciated and so felt.

That's all, folks.

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