Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I have to say today.

Today was a very long and tiring day.

Not in terms of stuff that we did, just that Chelsea was in an awful mood when she was with us and that makes everything feel longer and more exhausting.

We had to go to Jacksonville because Mom, Chelsea, and Blake all had appointments, and it was a mess and all I can say is thank God for iPhones with music and earphones and my ability to sleep anywhere because I got a lovely nap in that waiting room.

Then we went to Walgreens to pick up a ton of medication, and then Mom and I got so sick of Chelsea's attitude that we took her and Blake home.

So Mom and I tried to go to the DMV so I could get my learner's permit (ah!!!!) but got there at that awkward time that you're early enough that they're still open but late enough that they tell you they won't see you today.  I should be getting it tomorrow, though.  Provided I pass the tests, that is.  Fingers crossed!  I always put unnecessary pressure on myself.

So then we went to Walmart for a bit.

And then I treated her to Mexican food.  And I had a margarita with dinner.  Because I can.  And they didn't even card me!  Let me tell you: that margarita was much, much stronger than the one I had that night with Holly and Michael.  Guess that's what happens in a Mexican restaurant.  That one margarita did to me what 3 drinks that night after my birthday did.  But it was good.  And I wasn't gonna let my money go to waste!

And then we went back to Walgreens because Mom forgot some stuff.  And because we didn't want to go home quite yet.

And then I watched TV and took a shower and hung out and here I am.  And I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

I tell ya, the day may have started off rough with Chelsea and whatnot, but the time spent with Mom was great.  We have the exact same sense of humor, and sometimes I swear it's like we share a brain.  Mom made a joke involving the word chicken (I honestly don't remember what it was right now I'm so tired) and we both started bawking like a chicken right there in the middle of Walgreens at the exact same time, and then proceeded to laugh-cry our way down the rest of the aisle.

Tomorrow it also looks like I get to have a little chat with my former boss because my paycheck for the pay period of the 4th to the 17th (my last day was the 16th) wasn't delivered tonight like it was supposed to be.  So I'll be calling if it's not in my account when I wake up.  Ain't no way I'm letting these people jip me out of two weeks of pay.

That's all for tonight.

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