Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thanks, Andrea.

I was not looking forward to going out in the pouring rain and heavy winds to go to work, and about five minutes before I was ready to walk out the door, work called and told me not to come in today because they were so slow because of the weather.

Only later on Instagram did I find out that this several days of pouring rain and heavy winds wasn't just normal NC weather, but an actual tropical storm.  Tropical Storm Andrea, to be exact.  Ah, the beginning of hurricane season is officially upon us.  The west gets earthquakes, the midwest gets tornadoes, and the east gets hurricanes.  All equally capable of massive destruction, all very different entities.

My state has survived some pretty nasty hurricanes, so I know how dangerous they can be, but NC, especially the coast where I live, is so used to it, we basically don't evacuate unless it's a Category 4 or 5.  And those are pretty rare.  So for a minor little tropical storm, I'm just happy to have the day off work.  It turned out to be a huge blessing because my head got really, really bad a few hours later, and I have thus spent the whole day in bed.

Now I'm going back to sleep.  I'm so out of it, I'd rather wake up before the sun to take a shower than take one right now.

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