Friday, June 28, 2013


This is the problem with me having more than a little bit of money in my bank account:

I want to spend it.

Except not on me.

On gifts for other people.

Which, ya know, if you're going to have a money-spending problem, there are worse things that could happen than being obsessed with buying presents for people you love.

But see, here's how this started.  And I have to be vague because the people these gifts are going to know about and sometimes read this blog, and ruining the surprise would take out all the fun. :)

Okay, so I finished a book tonight.  Again and again as I was reading it, I kept thinking I needed to send it to  Person A.  It's kind of weird because A isn't a big reader or super passionate about her faith, but I just really feel like the Lord has been telling me she needs to read it.  So I'll be mailing this as soon as I get her address.

Then I remembered I had already promised this book to Person B.  So I texted B and told her I was ordering her the book and why instead of just sending her my copy.

Then I remembered Person C.  C was the one who told me I should read this book in the first place, but I know she's never finished it.  So I texted her and told her she needs to finish this book before a huge event in her life late this year, and if she didn't have the "Revised & Expanded" version of the book I want to get it for her.  I've yet to hear back from her on that.

And then I remembered Person D, C's significant other.  I got the idea to send him the guy's version of the book I want to make sure A B and C all read.  D doesn't know he's getting it.

I don't know what's gotten into me, but it's fun.  And I like it.

I've actually got 3 other books to send to B.  Good thing they're already in my possession.  No more money spent for a while!

Turns out, that whole "'tis truly better to give than to receive" thing is actually true.  Who knew?

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