Friday, June 7, 2013

Good news!

This won't make a bit of difference to anyone but me, but after a day that involved really really really bad news for Mom that I can't talk about (please pray for her) and my back being so screwed up all day that the slightest bit of movement made me want to cry, this was exactly the kind of thing that I needed to hear.

I always knew that Matt was coming down to see me next Saturday on my birthday, but at first I thought it was gonna be super late that night because he'd have to work.  Turns out, he's coming down Friday night to spend time with his family that night and the next morning, and then spending the whole evening at my house, even including my birthday dinner.  I am so so so excited!  I don't remember the last time we got to just hang out.  And it means so much to me that he's sacrificing the money he could be earning at work, which he really does need because he barely makes ends meet, just to come be with me on my birthday.  I love that kid more than I can ever explain.

Also, my manager agreed to take me off night shift and I think he's going to start giving me more hours, so that's good news, too. :)

Now, I'm off to take another muscle relaxer and go to bed.  Work tomorrow and Sunday, off Monday.

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