Sunday, June 23, 2013

He gets it.


God bless whoever created the Internet, because without it, I'm not sure I would have ever gotten connected with Pastor Chris, and his sermons continue to pour truth into my soul and teach me things about myself and who I am in Christ.  I've teared up almost every single week sitting here in my room with my earphones plugged in listening to the words God wants to give through him.

This morning's sermon was about betrayal.  And it came at the end of a very, very hard week for me both dealing with my head pain and in issues with my family.  Two distinct situations that I've realized time and time again that, no matter how wonderful my friends are, you can't understand until you live through them.

It reminds me of what Taylor texted me when I was in the hospital.  I may never meet anyone who understand this.


Jesus knows the hurt.

Jesus knows the pain.

Jesus knows the fear and the doubt and the anger.

This is why I have to remember to rely on God above any person, because they're not always going to know what to say or do or what I'm going through, but He will.  I am never alone because He is always in the middle of whatever I'm facing fighting for me and grieving with me.

Jesus died to free me from my hurt and my pain.  He suffered so that I wouldn't have to.

That's why I know that I owe him every piece of me.  Not only because He gave me everything in exchange for nothing, but because He is the one who will walk with me through everything and never disappoint.

Thanks be to God.

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