Thursday, June 13, 2013

Note to self: You are an idiot.

Mom, Mommom, and I went to the nice beach on Camp Lejeune this morning.

"Use the spray sunscreen!" Mom said.

"We'll put it on when we get there!" she said.

I don't know why on earth she or I thought that would be a good idea for me.  The wind was blowing, and I didn't know I had to rub in the sunscreen after I put it on.

The end result?  The most hilarious, splotchy, bizarre-looking sunburn I have ever seen.

The good news is I got to take a nap on the beach in the summer sun with my feet in the water, which was amazing.

The bad news is this burn is so bad I can't even think about going to the beach again until it heals, so I'll be spending my birthday at home instead of back at the beach.

Another reason I'm an idiot?  I was almost certain I was going to get fired today.  I did not.  My mom and I talked to my head manager, and everything's fine.  (And yes, I know it seems childish to bring my mom to that meeting, but I wanted her there to tell him all the disabilities I've told him about really are true because I was starting to think he didn't believe me, and she has a calming effect on me when I'm nervous.  Yay moms.)  He only put me on night shift this week because a bunch of his employees are high schoolers and they asked for the whole week off because of graduation.  That never occurred to me.  And he got the manager that I had to work with tonight to get off my case about things I've told her are due to my disablities, and when I was in so much pain tonight that I couldn't mop, she didn't yell at me.  I'm just praying that I have worked my last night shift.  Days don't even really bother my back and feet anymore, mostly because you actually get breaks then.

There's a big ol' thunderstorm outside, and aside from that nap on the beach (which was about an hour), I've been up since 5:30 (yay insomnia), so I'm gonna catch up on the rest of this internet stuff and go to bed.  Chelsea works tomorrow and Blake can go to daycare, so Mom and I have declared tomorrow a "do nothing day".

Which is probably good, considering the first 24 hours after I get a sunburn are usually the worst.  Yay summer.

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