Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I feel so happy tonight.

And the coolest part about it is I'm not entirely sure why.  Isn't it just awesome when you're in a good mood for  no specific reason?

I completely forgot to do the reading for French Lit today.  Actually, I didn't completely forget, but I didn't remember until I was in bed last night, and by that point, it was far too late to start.  So I just told Dr. Steegar I forgot, and since I've only used that excuse one other time this entire semester, he let me off with a couple teases and a "Oh, Mallory, that is not what I expect from you."  Mind you, this is the man who's giving me till past the final to get my research paper in; I'm pretty sure he's never actually been mad at me in the three years that I've known him.

And then I went to Psychology and took a test that I should've studied harder for but did not.  The good news is, my lowest test grade (excluding the final) is dropped in this class, so if I bombed it like I think I did, it won't affect my grade.  I can read the chapters and get caught up on the information before the final next week.

Awesome news for a totally NOT morning person like me:  I have three finals scheduled for 8 am next week - Psychology on Wednesday, French Lit on Thursday, and Econ on Friday.  Well, both my Psychology teacher and my Econ teacher apparently hate 8:00 in the morning as much as I do, so they pushed the finals back to 9:00.  An extra hour to sleep in, especially when I already know I'm going to be majorly sleep deprived next week, is REALLY good news in my book.  One of the perks of going to a small school, I guess.

Also, I am really, really blessed.  I ran out of shampoo tonight.  I thought I had another bottle, which is why I didn't buy any more when I went to Walmart at the beginning of the month and spent the end of the money I had.  Well, thank the Lord, I am blessed with some really nice people in my life, and I contacted my friend Summer who lives down the hall explaining and apologizing and asking her if she could buy me a small bottle just to get me to the end of next week.  As it turned out, she had an extra bottle in her room that she wanted to get rid of, and she brought it to me. :)  People can rock.

Also, I talked to my friend Nate, who ran with Gabe in the SGA elections, tonight about the pig pickin' on Saturday.  I just felt the need to tell him that I was really happy to see that the College Republicans (of which he is the chair) are being so friendly to the Democrats, because the people who used to run the Republicans were not nice to us at all.  He said he was glad to know that their efforts to be gracious weren't going unnoticed. :)  So now I'm actually really looking forward to hanging out at that event on Saturday.

I have to call my grandfather tomorrow.  I literally have to, because I need him to mail me the check for the money he owes me because I need it for DC.  I'm trying not to focus on the sense of dread I have my gut about it (though thankfully he hasn't sent me anymore hateful emails in a while), and praying that God gives me the peace and wisdom to be respectful to him and not lose my cool during the conversation.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes! My oh my, this semester has gone so quickly!  I don't want to say goodbye to all my friends. :(  Boo.  At least I've got some good plans on the books to spend time with some of my favorite people over the next week.  Gotta make the most of it, right?  :)

P.S.  I'm missing Nashville, and specifically Sanctuary, tonight.  Random, but true.  I guess it's easy and understandable to miss places that changed your life.

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