Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


The infection is doing okay.

It stopped spreading this afternoon, a few hours after I got the antibiotics in my system.  Plus, it only hurts when I touch it now, instead of all the time.  But the "it stopped spreading" part is the really good news.  From what I looked up on the internet, because yes I might actually trust medical websites more than I trust Betsy Johnson, cellulitis (what I have) is actually a fairly common thing, and it should go away in 7-10 days.  I opened myself up to it when I took the Prednisone for my respiratory infection, because Prednisone is a steroid and steroids lower your immune system.  Of course.

But seriously, I am so glad I went ahead and went to the ER yesterday!!!  If this hadn't been caught and treated, it could get into my bloodstream and that's when it could get fatal and all sorts of other scary things.

Barring any major steps backward in the next 12 hours, I am going to Nashville tomorrow!  Which is the best part of all.  I'd really appreciate it, though, if you'd keep praying for this infection, that it won't get any worse, especially not while I'm in Nashville.  Y'all are the best. :)

Also, I am not bringing my computer with me.  Just thought I'd put that in bold so you didn't miss it. ;)  One,  I'm like 99% positive I won't have a single minute where I'll want to use it instead of spending time with these lovely people.  I have my phone to check Facebook, Twitter, and email in the spare moments.  And two, I'm not checking a bag and it won't fit in my carry-on.  Because why pay a $25 checked-bag fee when I can fit all the necessities in my carry-on?

So yeah, my blog will be silent until Friday night.  If you really want to know what's going on with me over the next few days, my twitter is or you can email me, which is in my profile.  My camera is fully charged, so I'll be taking lots of pictures!  When I get back, I plan on coming back and writing a post for each day, because duh, I'll want to remember this trip for a long, long, long time. :)

I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight. I have to get up at 7:20 to call Holly to make sure she doesn't oversleep.  She has to leave by 8:00 in order to pick me up by 9:00 to get me to the airport by 10:00.  My flight leaves at 12:15.

Yay!!!!!!! :)

P.S. My 1000th post will be written about April 3rd. AKA the big day of the release show. Heh.  That amuses me.  And holy cow, I'll have written 1000 posts!

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  1. Have a wonderful time. SO i guess since you aren't going to be blogging while you're on the trip I don't have to feel guilty about not reading your blog this week while I take another computer break because of the massive to-do list. :)