Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet friends make everything better.

I called Taylor this afternoon because it's his birthday.  They were driving to their first tour stop, so I knew I could get him as long as he heard his phone.  He was driving, but we were able to talk for a few minutes, and those few minutes told me a good few very meaningful things.

I learned I cannot tweet when I'm angry, even when it's this hospital frustrating me to death, because he actually reads my tweets.  It's kind of embarrassing to explain why you were tweet-screaming at a hospital.

I learned that I really did make some real, solid friends during my time in Nashville.  He told me that I have a "small army" praying for me, which was kind of surprising because I didn't realize I made that much of an impact, and also heartwarming.

The biggest thing for me, though, was hearing Taylor say that he didn't think he'll ever forget Thursday night at Sanctuary and watching me get baptized.  It just solidified the fact that this friendship means a lot to him, just like it means a lot to me.  He told me again how proud he was of me for doing that.  I know I didn't do it for him or anyone else, I did it for me, but hearing that one of the biggest nights of my life meant that much to someone I care so much about just...well, it just tells me I must be doing something right to have friends like this.

That short, sweet conversation totally made up for the fact that I am NOT getting transferred to New Bern because even though the doctor here told me they'd take me as soon as they had a bed, it turns out they actually said they wouldn't take me at all.  Three-ring circus, I tell ya.  Such a headache, but at least I'm slowly starting to feel better.

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