Monday, April 5, 2010


That's how many days there are till my first foot surgery.
The day would be May 21st, in case you're too tired to figure that out. :)
The doctor was really nice.
On my right foot, where my big toe starts, a piece of bone has actually broken off, so that's why that toe and joint hurt so bad all the time.
The bones are completely misaligned, and he said on both feet, they'll take out the joint that is at the top of the foot, and just fuse the bones together so that they can't slip out of place again.
They're also going to stretch the tendon on the back of my right foot because the heel cord is super tight, and that's after having my right leg in a cast for like 6 months when I was little, so hopefully I'll have more movement after that.
Recovery for each surgery will be six weeks, so if we can do the second surgery six weeks after the first (he only does surgery on Fridays), that would be July 2nd, and I should be close to fully healed by the time school starts back in August. At the very least, my left foot will be healed and that is my stronger foot, so I'll be prepared.
I'll be in a cast for two weeks after each surgery, but they gave me a waterproof cast cover, so I won't have to do sponge baths. Major yay for that!
And because I have so much nerve damage on my right side, I would never have the coordination to use crutches when my left foot was in recovery, so they gave us information about a place that has a walker-like thing. It has wheels, so you rest the knee of the injured foot on this soft hammock type thing, and use the good foot to move along with the walker. Does that make sense?
That's all I can think of about the appointment.

Other random things:
I'm super glad that the air conditioning is finally on in Burkot.
Holly drove down from Raleigh to Campbell so she could spend some time with Blake tonight.
Blake is one month old today! That's crazy!!
I have my advisement appointment tomorrow to pick out classes for next semester. I also have to make up my Western Civ test that I missed today. (I still have to do a quick review for that!)

That's about it. Good night.

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  1. Will pray you through these upcoming surgeries!! Sounds like they'll well be worth it, sweetie!