Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I skipped Economics

And my day was still very busy.

Between not sleeping much last night, and waking up at 8 with a bad headache, I realized I just couldn't do it. Eh, it was my first absence in there all semester, so no big deal.

So I got up at 10.
Went to the library from 11:15-12:45.
Ate lunch.
Met with my advisor and picked out my schedule for the fall.
Took my Western Civ test that I missed yesterday.
And then came back and did laundry. (All four washers were empty on a Tuesday! I don't think that's ever happened before!)

And now, I'm exhausted.

But just to document it, my schedule is:

9:00-9:50 MWF Religion 125/Intro to Christianity
10:00-10:50 M CUW 100/Campbell University Worship
1:00-1:50 MWF French 201/Intermediate French I
2:00-2:50 MWF English 102/Freshman Composition II

9:30-10:50 TTH History 112/Western Civilization II
12:30-1:50 TTH Environmental Science 111/Intro to Environmental Science
2:00-4:50 TH Environmental Science Lab

Not as awesome as this semester, but not too bad.

And according to WebAccess, the first day of classes is August 18th.

Okay, good night.

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