Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Mom and I...AND a giveaway!

We're quite the interesting pair.
Especially when we talk on the phone, and it's late at night, and we're both exhausted.
We start off having a normal conversation, but then we get off on tangents.
Tonight it was all about Spanish.
We were talking about finding a way to get my big stuff into a storage facility around here over the summer. Then, I got a bunch of texts that she had sent almost an hour before that didn't come because my reception sucks. One of them said, "Te quiero!"

Me: Mom, are you aware that 'te quiero' means 'I want you'?
Mom: Really? I thought 'te quiero' was 'I love you'.
Me: No, that would be 'te amo'.
Mom: OOPS.
Me: You're just lucky you sent that to me and not someone else.
Mom: Yeah. Yo no te quiero!
Me: Yo tampoco!

Then, she started saying random stuff in Spanish that I didn't completely catch because I was trying to watch Parenthood at the same time, but I thought I heard the word "infection."

Me: Did you say something about an infection?
Mom: No, I said 'te amo' is a sign of AFFECTION.
Me: Ohhhhhhhh. That makes so much more sense!

Ensue almost delirious giggling.

We are an impeccable team, I tell ya.


Also, quick note: My amazing friend Jess is giving away Meredith Andrews' latest CD. If you love Christian worship music, go enter the giveaway here!

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  1. Haha I'm glad you and your mom text too! My mom and I text and my friends think that's so weird! Although my mom can't quite get the hang of the "space" button, so her texts either look like this....hi.laura.how.are.you.doing.call.me.when.you.can.

    or like this...


    Hahaha, I've gotten good at deciphering though.