Sunday, April 25, 2010

Major good news!

I get to leave next Thursday the 6th instead of waiting till the 8th!

I had dinner with my friend Morgan tonight, and I was telling her about how my mom and I really didn't know how we were going to transport my stuff to a nearby storage facility since we don't own a truck or anything. She said she might be able to borrow her dad's truck and since they only live 45 minutes away, it would be easy. We both finish our finals on the same day, Wednesday the 5th, and so she's going to bring home a bunch of her small stuff home in her car that day. She called her dad, and he said that would be fine because he can take her car to work on that Thursday. Her boyfriend is also coming up from Wilmington that day, and Thursday they are going to come back in her dad's truck to help me! Holly also might be able to come that morning for some more muscle power.

This works out perfectly. My grandma really wanted to come get me that Thursday, so she's happy, too!

AND it's two less days that I have to wait till I get to snuggle with sweet Blake again. :D

I am so excited. ELEVEN days!

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