Friday, April 16, 2010

Another YAY

I got an 88 on my Government test!
In general, that's not one of my best grades, but I was SO nervous about that test after seeing how many of the questions I didn't think I knew, so I'm very very happy.

I'm glad it is Friday.
I may go to bed early, and get up at a decent hour tomorrow (something I usually don't do on the weekend) and do homework and laundry and whatever.

I want my copy of "I Will Carry You" from Angie Smith! LIKE NOW. Yes, Amazon says the estimated delivery date is Wednesday, so they haven't screwed up or anything, but people are getting theirs already and I WANT MINE. :)

Blake is 6 weeks old today! Can't believe the next time I'll get to see him, he'll be two months (and 3 days). Where is the time going?!

But this also means that I have only 13 days till the end of classes, and 19 days till the end of exams. And 22 days till SWEET SWEET SUMMER. (Can you tell that I want to go home already?)


  1. ugh i preordered mine on barnes and noble on the 3rd the estimated ship date is may 1st. i am pretty annoyed.

  2. I can't believe you have to wait until Wednesday for the book! That stinks!! I got mine today and spent all afternoon and evening read it! It's just as great as we all could have imagined it would be, and if will definitely be worth the wait!!