Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 month update

So do you remember what happened six months ago today?

I thought I'd give you a little update and make you all jealous of how fast my hair grows. (Just kidding on the jealous part :P)

This was me at Thanksgiving.

This is me today.

Pretty awesome, huh?  (Forgive it for being messy; at the end of the day, after classes and whatnot, I'm too tired to care what my hair looks like, lol.)

I'm really not that far away from what my hair looked like before all the surgeries.

I don't really have anything fascinating to write about today.  I just wanted to show you this because it makes me happy. :)


  1. Yay!! I love how you're wearing orange shirts in both pictures!

  2. Rockin the 'do. I <3 it. It's growing in pretty well. Though I'm sure the buzz was much easier to handle! ha. Love you