Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 2

So I finally fell asleep about midnight last night, and aside from waking up to lock the door behind my grandmother (who was leaving to go to my cousin's soccer tournament in Raleigh) and a phone call from Chelsea, I didn't wake up till 1 pm. And it felt fantastic.

I stayed in my pajamas and watched TV (the Gymnastics Tyson American Cup and Gilmore Girls, to be specific) for hours until my mom called and told me she finished cleaning and was coming to pick me up.

We went to the hospital and I got to snuggle with my beautiful little nephew for two hours. He has a head full of soft brown hair with blond highlights, and I just can't get enough of kissing him. :) Chelsea will be coming home tomorrow, so that's exciting.

After that, we went to K-Mart to buy bottles because Chelsea can't breastfeed because of the medicines she's on, and then went to Food Lion. And then I came home and sat down because on top of my feet hurting, I'm having pleuritic pain again. The docs told me that once you get pleurisy, it can easily come back in the months after, but I thought I'd be wheezing or something. Oh well. I am now Auntie Mal, and that makes everything better. :)

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