Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stupid Me

So remember how I talked about how my Lyrica couldn't get through the mail, that it kept being returned to my mom?

Yeah...that wasn't my mom's fault, or my grandma's fault.

It was fine.

I completely forgot that when my mom and I moved me into school over Labor Day in September, that we only paid for six months on my post office box.

Finally, my mom realized it when my Levothyroxine also kept getting sent back to her. my defense, she forgot, too! :)

Another stupid thing I did was decide to use my fingers to get hair out that kept getting stuck in my razor. Luckily, I didn't draw blood, but my thumb and index finger are raw, peeled, and burning. Bravo, me.

Happy Saturday! I'm spending mine doing laundry and homework.

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