Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Worrywarts Anonymous

Hi, my name is Mallory, and I am a worrywart.

Yes, I worry a lot. I don't know why. School assignments, family, my health, whatever. But sometimes I have good reason to.

So yesterday, my mom wouldn't answer me all day. She finally contacted me towards the end of Dancing with the Stars, and said she forgot to turn her ringer back on after school. Okay, fine.

Today, the same thing happened. I thought she forgot to turn the ringer back on again. Then, Chelsea called me at like 7:00 and I asked to talk to Mom. She said she turned it off on purpose because she was sleeping. And then she said something that a worrier like me never ever ever wants to hear. "I've been having some health problems I hadn't told you about."

Back up. WHAT?

Apparently, for like the past two weeks, my mom's been having blood pressure problems. She's had an EKG and a stress test and spent all night last night in the ER because it went "pretty high."

Agh. I hate it when people don't tell me important stuff like that! Especially when it concerns my family, let alone my mom, my best friend. It makes me feel like they still think of me as a kid, and I'm not.

But anyway, she's apparently on medication and the tests were normal so while they don't know why it's so high, she's okay. Just pray everything stays that way? Thanks.


  1. I don't think it's because she thinks of you as a kid... I think it's because she loves you and hates the thought of being a burden -- even though it's not a burden to love someone else and be concerned for them.

    She's a mom... moms protect us, it's in their nature! :)

    Praying for her health... and for you to find peace in the midst of those worries!

  2. Oh I'm a worrier too, and I hate it. I can't help it though. Whenever I get something in my head that something might not be right, or someone tells me something that's not so good, I worry myself until I'm sick. Usually I end up creating these awful scenarios in my crazy worrying brain which are far worse than the reality! Ughh! But I will DEFINITELY be praying for your mom and her health!