Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blake Pictures

So Chelsea's home, but Blake has to stay in the hospital an extra night for mild jaundice.  Since I have my camera back, I thought I'd upload some pictures so you all can see just how beautiful my nephew is. :)  Just a few, though.  Don't want to overwhelm you with all the cuteness. ;)



  1. He is so cute! I bet you are so excited.

    Thanks for posting these right now, perfect distraction from hours of driving!

  2. He is adorable!!! My favorite....the HAIR! I have NO idea what is with me and babies with a lot of hair, but I LOVE them!! Well, you know I love any baby, but something about tons of hair just gets me even more. :)

    Congrats, again, AUNTIE!!! Looking forward to even more pictures.