Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today was just...crazy.

Despite getting almost 10 hours of sleep, I've been exhausted all day.

I got a 100 on my French test, which I wasn't expecting.

My Government pop quiz was way too easy, which probably means I failed.

My Western Civ professor moved my next exam from this coming Monday to the following Monday, the ONE day I'm not going to be there.

My advisor's sign-up sheet for meeting about next semester has been hanging in front of his office all week, and I missed it because it looks like his office hours sheet and was hanging in the same place, so I got to feel like an idiot when I asked him where his was.

I went to the bank to withdraw $20, and found that would leave me with $7.19 in my account.

I went to the post office looking for my retainer, and it still wasn't there.

I called my orthodontist, and they said they called my mom last week and told her that FedEx lost my retainer, something she never told me, so I have to go in for a new impression. I thought that I wouldn't be able to go in till May after exams were over.

I called the ticketing agency, thinking the refund from my Charlotte tickets, and they said it was processed the night I called.

I went back to the bank, and they said the money came in on the 15th. I got a copy of my activity and realized that the money did come in and I spent it. Of course. So I got to feel like an idiot again.

I then called my orthodontist back because I realized that April 1st I get out of class at 12:20, and that I could go to the orthodontist that afternoon. Another phone call.

And extra walking. Rolling my heavy bookbag behind me.

The two good things about today were the 100, and my French teacher said the dialogue that Loukas and I came up with for Matt and us to present today was above and beyond what he expected. And since I came up with pretty much all of it, that made me feel really good. :)

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  1. It's been a crazy week, and it's not looking like it's going to be any different for the rest of it!!!

    What a "resultat fantastique" on the French test, girl :)