Sunday, March 14, 2010

A complete 180

What I thought was one horribly crappy night just did a complete 180 and became one of the best nights of my entire life.

When Holly and I left the show venue, we decided that we needed to do something instead of sitting in the hotel room bored, with me thinking about how upset I was.

We went to a bowling alley. It was about 8:15, and a guy told us we wouldn't be able to get a lane till about 9:30. So we said we'd come back. I was able to call and get my tickets refunded ($72.50 I could definitely use).

When we went to the bowling alley, we had to wait in line for half an hour, which irritated us even more, but God had something bigger in store. ;) After we played two games, we got some drinks and I got a pretzel and we sat there for a bit. As we finished, I thought "They've got to still be at the venue." Holly said we could go back, and of course I jumped at the chance. By this point, it's 11:15. When we got there, I put on my saddest possible face, explained what happened, and convinced a security guy to let us in. I could see Ben (the lead singer and the guy I'm closest to) from the door where I was talking to the security guy, and as I walked towards him, he was taking a picture with some other fans, and as he saw me his face lit up.

We ended up hanging out with the band for an hour. Lots of hugs. FREE STUFF (which I wasn't expecting AT ALL!): I got a t-shirt and their new CD which technically isn't even released till next month, and Holly got a cool bag. Ben's cell number. And pictures, one of which is Ben and Pete (the other guy in the band I'm close to) kissing each of my cheeks. Now sadly, since I didn't think I'd get to see them, I didn't have my camera with me, so I have a picture on my phone, but Pete has the other pictures on his camera, and as soon as he gets them to me, I will post them here. :) (Oh, and I found out that the lady who said she'd get them my note never gave it to them, so thank heavens we went back!)

I am beyond elated about tonight. Those boys are even nicer in person than they are online.

Okay, so maybe I do have a little good luck. ;)


  1. I'm so happy everything worked out for you!

  2. So grateful you were blessed beyond measure with a night you will likely remember for the rest of your life!! God had something bigger planned all along!

    Happy for you!!