Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aches and My Mom

(Yes, that's as creative as I can get right now.)

I have aches.

See. I realized on Sunday evening that I would run out of Lyrica yesterday morning (as in that would be my last pill). I called my mom immediately and asked her to go by the pain clinic and get a bunch of sample bottles and mail them to me because Lyrica costs more than $100 for 30 pills on our insurance, and they let us get those for free.

Well, Monday, my mom got a migraine. So she didn't.

Tuesday, she still had a migraine.

Wednesday, she got my grandma to pick up the pills and mail them to me. My grandma somehow messed up the addressing of it, and so they got returned.

My uncle, aunt, and cousin were coming up to Raleigh today because my cousin had a soccer game, and they said they'd bring them to me. My mom slept through my uncle's call, so he didn't pick them up. Missing last night's pill (it's a twice a day medication) didn't really affect me then, but I woke up today with a pounding headache, and aches all the way down my spine, in my neck, and across my shoulders.

So my mom texted me a little while ago asking me if she could overnight them on Monday, or if she needed to drive up here tomorrow. I knew full well she wanted me to say mailing them on Monday was fine, but I told her I really need them tomorrow, and I do because this pain sucks. It's keeping me from studying today for the test and quiz I have on Monday.

I shouldn't feel bad about saying that, but I do. Because I know she's tired. And that this past week was hard. Even when I should be worried about me, I'm still thinking about her. And when I do put myself first, I feel bad about it. And that's supposed to be a good trait, right?

*sigh* Even though I don't have the energy to study today, I am doing laundry, so at least I'm being somewhat productive.

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