Thursday, March 11, 2010


Mom texted me this morning and said that she talked to Holly, and she definitely has Saturday and Sunday off! You have no idea how relieved and excited I am to know that these plans to meet Scarlet Grey are working out! Especially since I've spent a bunch of money already. ;)

I also talked to my friend Hannah, who used to live down the road from me but now lives in Florida, and she and her daughter are gonna be in Charlotte this weekend, too, to see her sister, so we might be able to have lunch on Sunday before Holly and I head back to Raleigh/Buies Creek. Her daughter, Kairi, is almost 4 months old and I haven't met her yet, so I'll be even more excited if this works out! :)

Plus, I found out that Mom, Chelsea and Blake, my grandma, and I are going to Tsunami tomorrow night. Which is kind of the icing on the cake.

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