Monday, March 29, 2010

I survived

a 50 minute blaring rock concert that was completely not Christianity-related during Campbell University Worship with a pounding headache, 3 classes with no voice, and the annoying people at the infirmary.

The PA (that's all we get here at Campbell) said that I have either bronchitis or a respiratory infection, that it's really hard to tell without further testing. But he gave me an antibiotic and if I'm not feeling better next week, I am supposed to go back.

My mom's on her third week out of work. She was planning on going back today, but when she got up her blood pressure was 177/121, so work was a no-go. I'm so worried about her, and all that our doc is doing is giving her a bunch of different medications to see if one of them works, and I feel like she's apathetic. If this was just normal genetic blood pressure issues, wouldn't it respond to medication? My mom actually said today "I'm about ready for them to plant my butt in the hospital and run every test known to man till they know what's wrong." And considering how stressed my mom gets about medical bills sometimes, that's a big deal for her to say.

I can't wait for Thursday. Being sick makes my usual exhaustion level multiply by like five.

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