Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nice Hospital Staff

So...today was my first day back to school in six days.  I was excited, and actually felt pretty good!

And then I blacked out with no warning at all in the middle of my first class.

They changed my seizure meds again yesterday because of the seizure I had on Sunday, but it's back to the one medicine and dosage that I was on for years seizure-free, so chances are high that my body just needs a few days to get used to being back to the one med and on the higher dosage.  I'm really hoping that this works, because I'm really tired of this mess.  Especially with Thanksgiving and finals and then Austin coming up.  I need to be well!)

The only reason I went to the hospital is because I fell.  At this point, I'm well aware that the hospitals can't do anything for the seizures, but my neurologist said that falling is one of the few reasons that I should go to the hospital.  I had to get a whole slew of X-rays, which made the body pain even worse, but as soon as those all came back okay, the doc released me and Hannah was there to pick me up.

But today, I'm thankful for the nice people that took care of me at Central.  No one treated me like I was crazy, or a drug addict.  People were nice and attentive.  The doctor listened to me.  The nurse was patient and caring and made me laugh.  The X-ray techs were super friendly and felt so bad they were causing me added pain (wasn't their fault!).  After all the time I've spent in hospitals, not only do I know how difficult their jobs are, but I've had everything from absolutely spectacular to terrible and frustrating care, so I appreciate the good ones that much more.

Here's just hoping I won't have to see the ones around Campbell again anytime soon.

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