Monday, November 25, 2013

My Writing Ability

That's what I'm thankful for today.

That I am a good writer, and also, that I like to write.

And not just because it makes having this blog so much fun and a great safe haven for me, but also because it really comes in handy for college.

Exhibit A: Tonight.  I wrote a nearly 7-paged (single spaced!) book review that's due tomorrow on a book I didn't even like (I am SO not an Economics person!) in 4.5 hours (8-10, then break to watch Castle and eat something, 11-1:30) with a horrendous migraine.

And this means I'll get a semi-decent amount of opposed to last time I had a book review for this class and I got 2.5 hours.

So yeah.  It comes in handy, being able to write well, about nearly anything.  So I'm thankful for that today.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go close my eyes.  Because they ache.

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