Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The fun of midterm week.

Going into tonight, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have a ton of people in the Tutoring Center needing me and would thus be able to get a little prep in for my Model UN midterm tomorrow.

I am an idiot.  The last two hours of the Tutoring Center before Fall Break, and I am the only Algebra tutor they have scheduled which means EVERYONE NEEDS MAL.

At one point, I was literally tutoring 4 people at the same time.  Thus solidifying my knowledge that I will never, ever, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS become a teacher.

At least one of the guys I had to tutor is a cutie that I've known pretty much all semester and he lets me be sarcastic and (jokingly) rag on him.

But that means that it's just past 11 pm and I am just now sitting down to do the study guide for tomorrow's test.  At least it's not as long as today's midterm (which I feel kind of iffy about how I did), and it's more fact-based stuff than abstract ideas.

So I am off!  Maybe the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack will keep me awake.  Ten years later, and I still contend that it is one of the best movie soundtracks ever written.

Oh, and I got a 96 on my Hitler review! Yay!!!! A 96 on a paper from Thornton is a very, very high compliment!  It seems that the only points I got taken off were for one fact that I left out and some typo errors because I hate proofreading (especially late at night) and all my errors were stuff spellcheck wouldn't catch, because apparently I've written so many French papers on this computer that it now accepts "Je" (which means "I" in French) as spellcheck approved, when I really meant He.  Awesome.  But I'm still stoked.  The other two got a B and a C.

Okay, here we go.  Maybe I won't be up all night this time.

And boo, Dr. Jonas canceled Reformation tomorrow because they're so far ahead in their syllabus. :(

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