Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Appointment Day

"3 hour appointment is finally over.  Got to talk to my normal doc, and she said that the chances of the seizures being stress induced from this constant head pain and school are high, that she knows I'm not faking this or making them happen.  I'm staying on the second seizure med that the ER doc put me on last week because the combination kicking in may be what has kept me seizure free since last week.  This EEG will last until 12:45 Friday, and I should expect my headache to be even worse than usual because of the pressure of the electrodes, glue, and tight cap keeping it all in place.  "Peace that passes all understanding" is a real thing; I know because I lived it today.  I have felt the prayers of everyone and the strength of the Lord pushing me forward since I woke up today.  I don't know what is going to come of this test, or if I will keep having seizures, but I know that all will be well in the end because I serve a God that never leaves!"

That's the text I sent out to everyone this afternoon.  And I meant every last word of it.

God answered my prayers, Austin's prayers, The Vespers' prayers, everyone who I know prayed for me last night a hundred fold, because I woke up today with a spirit that I could only have by the grace of God.  No longer was I the girl shaking in fear while crying that I was last night.  I was calm and I was steady and I was ready to face whatever happened today.  I spent the whole morning singing praise music because I just knew that God was right there with me and it was going to be okay.

I took that first picture just for Taylor so he could really understand what I meant when I tried to describe it to him last night.

The EEG hookup was fine.  Actually it was more than fine.  Because as the woman glued these 22 electrodes onto my head, I go to tell her about my heart for God.  I got to witness to a stranger in the middle of a clinic.  Which was, not surprisingly, something that Taylor prayed specifically for last night.  But really, the actual process didn't hurt at all.  It just felt weird.  What hurts is this tiny cap squeezing my big head (yay hydrocephaly) and making my already bad headache even worse.  So this will be fun to deal with until Friday.  And yes, those electrodes are literally glued to my head.

And now I'm going to bed because I have barely slept the past few nights and I need it.  Plus, I was trying to read and kept falling asleep, so clearly I'm exhausted.  Tomorrow is my first day back in classes in over a week.  It'll be plenty stressful, especially looking like this, so I need the rest.

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