Monday, August 5, 2013

Worn Out

That's me in two words right now.

Lesson learned:   Don't blog when extremely upset.  It never turns out well, usually because it portrays exactly the kind of picture I don't want to give off about who I am.  You'd think I'd have learned this by now, but as my mom says, I have a thick head.

Besides, as I updated in the post last night, it only took about 20 minutes before Matt and I were apologizing to each other.  It made me remember this fact that we both agreed on a while back:  we're not afraid to argue and yell and get mad and call the other one an idiot, but we just can't stay mad at each other because we know we need each other too much.  Plus, I found out the real reason he wasn't acting like himself last night, which made the whole thing make a lot more sense.  I should've known 11 years couldn't be discarded that quickly. :)

We worked in Mom's classroom from 10:00 to about 4:15 today, and we are so close to being done, but man, I am exhausted.  And extremely sore!  I spent most of the time moving files back and forth across the room and putting them into file cabinets.  And when I say files, I mean five boxes and a 12 cubic feet rolling container of files.  My fingers are so torn u with cardboard paper cuts it actually hurts to type.  But it was nice to spend time with Mom and Rachel (her best friend) again, and to not be home alone with Chelsea and Blake, and to seem Mom's room looking so much better because I know this way she'll stress a lot less about it.

As if that weren't exhausting enough, I came home, ate dinner and started working again.  I packed all of my food and school supplies into boxes and that giant container that had had files in it, because it's so much easier to carry it in bags.  Then I did my usual Monday night chore of gathering all the trash and recycling and taking it out to the road.  By the time all that was over, I was dripping in sweat again and my back was so spastic I could hardly walk.  So then I sat on my bed and didn't get up until the season finale of one of my summer shows went off at 10:00.  I took a shower at 11:00.  Man oh man, the wonder that is hot water beating down on aching muscles. :)

Oh, and as an added bonus, my allergies are once again a total mess thanks to all the dust in the classroom. So right now I have my regular sleeping pill, 3 muscle relaxers, and 2 NyQuil in my system.  I think it's time I go to bed.

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