Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Sanctuary

Ask me to describe myself in one word at this very moment and the only word I would be able to give you is "chills".

Chills.  The kind it seems you can feel all the way down into your bones.

Sanctuary returned tonight, and oh my word, it was more than an hour of such pure, sweet worship.  And it couldn't have a more fitting name - worship like this is my sanctuary in a chaotic world that would stress me out beyond all imagination in a second if I let it.

When that band starts playing, and I close my eyes, even from 550 miles away, I can feel the power of Christ connecting me to that church, that sweet, beloved church, like only Jesus can.  For once, I can forget everything that's happened today and this week, even if only for a little while, and just sit in the presence o my Lord, singing along with a family I didn't ask for but showed up in my life anyway.  And there are only 12 weeks, 84 days, until I am reunited with the group that was present for the night that changed everything about my life, for the very first time since that night.

Everybody has that one place, that one thing that brings them peace beyond all explanation. I used to think it was being here at Campbell, but no, it's watching the Sanctuary livestream on Thursday nights and worshiping my God with the first church that ever felt like home to me.  It's the only time when I am truly able to forget the world.  I can't explain it, really.  But if you're thinking of your place, your sanctuary, right now, then you get what I am talking about.

The Lord always knows exactly what we need and gives it to us when He knows we need it.  After a day full of school stress, leaving me questioning how I'm going to do everything in pain, He knew I needed this.  Because of Him, sin has lost its power, and death has lost its sting.  Nothing can withstand His power and presence, not stress, not pain.  He is always bigger and stronger and better.  He is always enough.

And He is beautiful.

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