Sunday, August 11, 2013

Game Time

All right, y'all.  It's here.

In about 14 hours, I'll be starting the biggest scholastic test I've ever faced.

As you can imagine, most of my day was filled with a LOT of reviewing.  I tried to give myself a good balance, though, and spent some time talking to some friends of mine who are oh so faithful to tell me the truth, things I already knew but that they knew I needed reminding of.  This is going to be a messy week, so I had extra nerves on top of the nerves I already had about the test, but God is faithful to speak through my dear, loyal friends to tell me exactly what I need to hear.  I'm so blessed in that area - it's never lost on me.  DNA doesn't make family, love does. :)

If you think of me, pray for solid sleep, minimal pain (morning and early afternoon are usually my worst times), and good memory.  I greatly appreciate it.

And can I just say again, I'm SUPER grateful I will know my Verbal and Math scores immediately. :)

Good night, y'all.  I took my night meds early so that my sleeping pill would be working at a good hour, and I am definitely tired.

Here's to the future.

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