Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How does she survive without me?


I must seriously love my momma, or be a complete wuss or something, because another day has passed where I got zero reviewing done all in the name of MALLORY I NEED YOUR HELP.

It started about 1:30 today, when I had to help her give Blake his medicine and then get him ready to leave while she got ready to leave (I had already taken a shower) because we all needed to run "just a few errands".

Well, just a few errands was a trip to some teacher supply store where I sat in the car with a sleeping Blake for 30 minutes while she got calendars laminated, and then dealt with him screaming his head off for 5 minutes until she came out.

And then we went to Walmart.  Walmart is Walmart - that is never short.

And then we picked up Chelsea.

And then Mom decided she needed to go work in her classroom since she won't get a full day in tomorrow because the psychiatrist had a last-minute cancellation and thus Blake has a therapy session tomorrow morning.  And she convinced me to go with her because "I could study there and at least I wouldn't be home with Chelsea and Blake."

Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahahahahaha.

I am an idiot for ever thinking I was going to get any studying there.  Because wouldn't you just know it's awfully hard to cover bulletin boards in wrapping paper and banners all by your lonesome?  And it's next to impossible to move tables (because oh yes, my mother already decided she didn't like the set up of her room, a set up she decided she loved LAST. WEEK.) or cover a table in contact paper (it's just so daggon sticky!) without an extra pair of hands!

I'm just in a sarcastic mood tonight, y'all. :)

We left at like 8, and then spent the next 2 hours going to Michael's, and then Staples, and then Target, and then finally Walmart (a different one, but the dreaded Walmart nonetheless), in search of wrapping paper that didn't look like a birthday party (because what my mother thought were circles on one roll were actually balloons, and EACH BOARD MUST HAVE A DIFFERENT BACKGROUND) and a hot glue gun, because my mother left hers plugged in at school for several days, and apparently when that happens, those things die, never to be resuscitated ever again.  Michael's had them, but Mom'll be damned before she'll spend $15 on a hot glue gun.  (I could've told her Michael's would be super expensive, but she wouldn't have listened anyway.)  Target and Staples didn't have them.  And then golly gee, Walmart did for half the price of those at Michael's!

And to boot, she got more wrapping paper and some pasta for pesto.  Wonders never cease.  God bless those Walmart Supercenters.

On the upside to this very long day, my mom and I have the best time together.  Every time, without fail, we manage to make each other laugh until we cry.  It's grand.

We didn't get home until just after 11 and I honestly don't know where the last almost-two-hours have gone.

What I do know is that I told my mother she is forbidden from asking me to do anything that requires more than a few minutes of my time for the next four days.

The chances of her actually sticking to that?  Well, your guess is as good as mine.  She is my momma, and I do love her, after all.

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