Monday, August 26, 2013

Today was a weird day.

Well, the only weird about the morning is that it actually wasn't hard at all for me to get up.  Mondays are usually the worst in terms of "Oh my gosh I so don't want to go to class today!" feelings.

Then, I had Model UN at 10, and when Dr. Thornton asked how we were, I said "Fantastic!" and actually meant it.

Then I ate lunch, then Jenn picked me up at 12 to go pick up a check in Lillington from the storage facility people, who were giving me half my payment back in apology for the disaster.  Well, I got all the way back to the bank after picking up the check before I realized the lady had given me the wrong check.  So I had to call Jenn back, who thankfully had enough time before her next class, who had to drive me all the way back to Lillington to get the right check.

Then I came back to campus and got my payroll form from Student Services, went to the post office and got my Hitler book that actually arrived a day early (not too weird for Amazon), went to the bank and deposited the check and got a piece of info that I thought I needed for the Payroll office.

Then, I somehow managed to find the Payroll office with no problem (VERY weird for me) even though I've only been there once before and got SUPER lost that time, and I thought I was going to have to fill out all this paperwork because that's what Student Services told me, but nope, since I worked last semester all my stuff was current so basically all I had to do was hand a lady this piece of paper and let her confirm I was in the system.

Then I was walking back through the (gorgeous!!) campus, and had one of those "episodes" in the middle of Academic Circle.  By "episode" I mean my seizure disorder issues kicked in and I got super overheated and dizzy and for once I didn't have water with me, so I had to lay down right there, thankfully under the shade of a tree.  Also thankfully, some kid walked by, and he had to get to class but still managed to flag down two members of the administration who were standing not too far away.  They, of course, knew me because of my Uncle Ed.  One of them went to get me water, and the other stayed there and fanned me.  When Campus Safety showed up, even though I tried telling them this is not unusual because of my seizure disorder and I'd be fine if I could just go back to my dorm and lay down, they insisted I go to the infirmary and get checked out.

Well, I ended up spending about 2.5 hours in the infirmary because once again, my blood pressure and heart rate would not stabilize, and they were filling me up with cups upon cups of ice water because my body temperature was also weirdly elevated.  I was still dizzy when I left, but they let me leave because my vitals were a lot better and I agreed to let Campus Safety drive me to my dorm.

The good news is that even though I've still felt kind of funny all night, I knew the only thing I had to get done tonight was this book summary essay, and because I'd taken notes when I did the reading yesterday, it took me way less time than I expected it to, so I've been able to relax the rest of the night.

I also got my Tutoring Center schedule today.  Starting next Tuesday, I work Mondays 5-8, Tuesdays 8-10, and Thursdays 7-10.  And I already have one Peer Tutoring session set up for Wednesday.  Yay money.  After I fill out these time off request forms which are for dates in late October and November but I'm doing now anyway just so she can cover my shifts early (Vesper concert in Raleigh, Taylor & Kyla's wedding, Model UN conference), I'm climbing in bed.  Just because I can.

Oh and PS: One of the things I love most about this school?  During that five minutes that I was waiting for Campus Safety to get to me in Academic Circle, four separate strangers came up to ask me if I was okay, despite the fact that they could see these two administration members were taking care of me.  I love this school.  Complete strangers will care about you. :)

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