Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to the place where I belong.

Ah.  It seems that I have actually survived this very, very long summer at home.

All my stuff is packed.  In a matter of hours, Mom and I will be loading the car to head back to the place that most of us Camels affectionately call "the Creek".  (Which is really a rather fitting name, a lesson all freshmen will learn come the first good rainstorm, ha!)

I am so ready.  Ready for my final year, ready to feel like I'm home, ready to get back into the swing of school and church and everything that simultaneously stresses me out and makes me so unbelievably happy.

That school, that cozy little campus out in the middle of nowhere, has been my home for years now, and I am so blessed to have found it and the community that comes with it.  I thank God for leading me to Campbell, for once again knowing what I needed even when I didn't even when this school was hardly on my list.  I have met some of the best friends I could ever ask for there, either as fellow students or chance meetings in the cafeteria with a band that would change my life.

Not many people can say that their professors know them personally, who will spend as much time as you need going over class material with you and answering all your questions despite the fact that they have other classes to prepare for.  A lot of college students go to schools so big that they are nothing to their professors but their ID number and a grade.  Not at Campbell.

Not many people have professors and administration members who will ask about their health, or tell them they're praying for them.  But I can.  Because I go to a school that doesn't shy away from its religious foundation yet somehow also encourages religious diversity and freedom.

This school helped me figure out not only who I really am, but what I want and what I deserve.  It has given me friends and experiences that I will never forget.  It has given me more than I could ever list out here, and I know that will only continue in this last year.  And nine months from now, when I've graduated and had to say goodbye to a place that means so much to me, I'm not afraid to tell you I will probably be crying the whole drive away.

No matter where I end up for grad school, I will always be Campbell Proud.

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  1. Mallory, I've read your blog for some time now, and this is the first time I've felt drawn to comment. I totally get what you feel about your school. About it being home in every sense of the word!! :) I am an Irish Catholic, and spent the best 4 years of my life at Saint Mary's College, in Notre Dame, IN. The Notre Dame/Saint Mary's community is exactly what I needed in my life as a college student, and now as a proud alumnae! I wish you much much happiness this last year! Good Luck & God Bless!!!