Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting closer...

I'm not sure why we didn't go to Mom's school today, but whatever.  I spent most of the day in excruciating pain, so I guess it was a good thing.

I literally could not wake up until 5:30 tonight.  Thankfully Mom made me tacos without me even having to ask; that was how I got woken up - a knock on my door.

Then, I've spent the whole rest of the night working on GRE stuff.  Reviewing is necessary but kind of annoying.  I typed out the list of word roots and most commonly used words on the GRE (with definitions), then basic info on each section and info from the book on how to approach each section, each essay type in the writing section, and each question type in the verbal and math sections.

I didn't stop until my head was at the unbearable point again.  Tomorrow, all I'll have to do is go through the math resource at the back of the book and write out all the concepts/formulas I don't have memorized but need to know, and then go through the practice test and review the problems, specifically the ones I got wrong, and then review the 10 or so pages of info I'll have compiled (which is a heck of a lot better than an almost 600 page book!).  I'll also have to check out the website to figure out what I'm supposed to about the list of schools I want my scores sent to.  The book says bring a list with you, but there's something in my email confirmation that says you set that up online.  So yeah, I need to figure that out tomorrow. But that's it.  Which is probably a good thing, because the book says you're supposed to take it easy the day before.  I've already got test day info, my appointment ticket, and directions printed off so I won't even have to worry about that tomorrow.

No matter how I do, good or bad, I'm mostly just ready for this thing to be over with so I don't have to think about it anymore.  That's about it.  I just want to be done.

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