Friday, May 31, 2013

Nice Surprises

Numero uno:  I made $146.81 for eight days of tutoring.  I wasn't expecting that big of a check for such a short amount of time, but I guess it makes sense with my hours at the tutoring center plus all of my peer tutoring and my kids freaking out because it was the week before finals.  Still - sweet.

Numero dos:  I got to have an hour long phone chat with Kyla.  I haven't talked to her in weeks because life has just been so crazy for the both of us.  I left that conversation feeling so encouraged and uplifted and refocused on what I know to be true about God.  It still blows my mind that a girl I have never met feels so much like my sister, and that I will be meeting her for the first when I (cross your fingers! hopefully) fly to Nashville in November for her and Taylor's wedding.  I will honestly be distraught if I am not there to witness one of my best friends get married.  That's a large part of the reason I got a job this summer in the first place; I want to do everything I can to make sure I am there to witness their big day because I love them so much.  And I really, really want to go back to Sanctuary, but that should be no surprise.

So yeah, today was a good day.  I am blessed.  And tomorrow it is June!  A big month for me.  :)

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