Monday, May 20, 2013

Man of Steel

That's what I least, if you're going according to the hat they have me wearing at Hardee's.

I also may or may not be Superman.  That's yet to be decided.

Ha.  This is the only hat they had for me to wear today.  And it is actually a Hardee's hat, I know by the star on the back, but I just found this weird.  And of course, with my gigantic hydrocephaly head, the hat was far too small, so it was squeezing my head like crazy and that only added to my usual head pain.  But the manager was putting in a new order for uniform stuff tonight, so hopefully he'll be able to get me a much larger hat.  I don't work again until Thursday, but then I work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  A little over 30 hours in my first week, not too bad.

The day was physically grueling, not gonna lie.  I've just never had to do anything like this ever, so it's going to take some getting used to.  Not surprisingly, my feet were bothering me more than my back.  I have the best shoes I can get, though, so it's just going to be how it is.  It's not like I'm not used to working through pain, so I'll deal.  I always do.  The two managers were very sweet in checking on me and stuff, too.  I think they could tell I was working as hard as I could.  Honestly, the biggest thing is probably just going to be making sure I stay hydrated.  It's HOT!  Even just doing the register.

Everyone was really nice.  Being, well, me, I was all shaky at first because I was so nervous because I always want to do well at everything I do.  It wasn't anyone else putting pressure on me, it was all me on myself.  Thankfully all the customers were really patient and understood that it was my first day so I was learning, and one sweet old man took the time to tell my general manager that I did a really good job, which made me smile.  One of the plus sides to working at a place like this in a small town is that they have their regulars, and the regulars just "get it".

I like working the register.  I feel like I'll catch on to that pretty quickly because I have such a good memory. It just takes practice, and even by the end of today's shift I was remembering more on my own.

The difference between Hardee's and other fast food restaurants, something I actually really like, is that they really care about the restaurant presentation and taking care of guests in the house.  So there's never any just standing around or whatever; anytime there was a lull in taking orders and stuff, I was checking on people to see if they needed refills and cleaning and doing something.  I'm honestly amazed at how slow 5 hours felt going by considering I was always doing something.  It'll be interesting to see what 6 and 7 hour shifts feel like, which is what I'm working the end of this week.  But Thursday-Sunday are considered the "busy days" so maybe it'll go by faster.

Today, after work, my head hurt so bad I came back and took one of these special pills that I'm only allowed to take a couple days a week because they're so strong and then I took a 3 hour nap.  Ha!  I'll probably want to drop dead after my 7-2 shift Thursday.

So yeah.  It was good.  It was exhausting and like nothing I've ever experienced before, but it was good.  I'm happy to have a job, to be making some money and being able to do something besides sit around all summer.  I'm still a tad nervous about handling the physical aspects of it all, but it helped that everyone was so nice.  I'll figure it out.  I always do.  I'm stubborn, and God is good at pulling me through. :)

Now, I think I'm going to go eat a quick snack and go to bed.  Believe it or not, after only a 5 hour shift and a 3 hour nap, I'm still absolutely exhausted!

But I like it.

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