Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just another work day.

I have nothing to say today.

I went to work.

I worked.

They sent me home two and a half hours before my shift ended and that irritated me because I want hours.

And then I got a massive upset stomach as soon as I got home, so thanks, universe.

I took a nap to feel better, but Chelsea kept waking me up so it wasn't a very effective nap.

I did learn that while I was thinking that taking a full 30-minute break would be difficult, those 30 minutes go by really quickly.  And I'm kind of forced to take the full 30 minutes because the registers won't let you clock back in early.  They literally lock you out.

I like work.  It feels good to work.  But I'm kind of hoping I'm not on the early shift the entire summer because they did ask me what I prefer and getting up at 5:30, now it'll be 5:15 because I realized I need more time, really sucks.  Haha such is life.  If they will give me hours, I will work whenever they tell me to.

On to tomorrow.

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