Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some Math For You

5 hours of sleep


6 hour shift




Saturday of a holiday weekend


my first Saturday at work


my fourth day overall




an absolutely drop-dead exhausted Mal who is still aching 9+ hours after she got off

Oh. my. heavens.  Today was insane.  In the whole 6 hours, I barely spent any time cleaning because there were so many people and they seemed to come in huge waves, so I was pretty much constantly at the register, and secondarily checking on guests and getting refills and such.  It was nice not to have to clean so much, for sure, especially not the bathrooms. :)   It was crazy; the amount of money I put in the safe at the end of my shift was more than double, almost triple, what it's been on the other days.  But uh yeah, Saturdays are definitely a whole different ball game in the restaurant world.  Thankfully a coworker told me that Sundays don't really get busy until after church, and I only work until 2.  :)

Today was a much, much harder day, but it was, thankfully, also a much better one.  I'm remembering the menu better and where to find stuff, and the money value for all the items I had to delete (every time you put something wrong into an order, a manager has to authorize the removal with a card swipe and the register keeps a total of the items and prints the list and their costs on your receipt you get at the end of your shift) today was half of what it was yesterday, so my managers could see that I'm getting better.

I'm glad I wasn't my manager today.  Things kept breaking.  First it was the drink machine at the beverage bar that customers can access, so on top of making food and then, at lunch, delivering the food to tables and such, we also had to make everyone's drinks behind the counter.  And my manager told me apparently a couple of the ovens, or pieces to the ovens or something, broke, so he was on the phone with repairmen and all that.  And then, right when he was finally telling me I could end my shift and tally up my register, my screen totally froze and locked on its own, and when he restarted it, this weird screen popped up and it took more than five minutes to get where I could totally end my shift.  So yay, add to the chaos.

They didn't intentionally not give me a break, either, by the way.  It was just so busy so much of the time, and right when I thought we were at a lull and I could take a break, I asked permission from my manager and he said to give him a minute and then bam, another huge wave of people came in.  He offered to give me a break at 12:20, but since I was due to get off at 1, I figured there was no point and I just kept working.

So yeah, today was good.  Physically grueling, but good.  I was pretty much limping by 12:15 because that was when the pain that had been solely in my feet decided to branch out into my legs and hips.  So I looked weird, but not something I could really help because, like I said, no break.  It made me realize that after this summer I am never ever ever working in fast food ever again, but it was good. :)  And now I'm gonna go to bed because with 5 hours of sleep and a day like this, I sure as heck do need it.

I'm just praying my feet stop aching before I have to stand on them for 7 more hours tomorrow.

And thank the Lord I am off Monday.

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