Friday, April 22, 2011

The Bright Side

So in order to end on a high note, I'm gonna start with the bad stuff and end with the good stuff.

Bad :(

Holly got in a car accident Tuesday and totaled her car.
Mom got an MRI today to check for a tumor on the nerves behind her ear.
Mom broke her tooth on the way to pick me up yesterday.
We're flat broke and this is a lot of expensive stuff happening.
Mom has been summoned to her principal's office Tuesday AM because she's been out so much for the medical crap she's dealing with and we don't know if she's gonna get fired.
All this combined has sent my stress level through the roof.

Good :)

We got Holly a new car today.
Holly's OKAY, and only ended up with bruises and soreness after a T-bone accident.
The car's in Holly's name so my mom doesn't have to worry about paying for it.
Mom has a workday on Monday and can go to the dentist.
Reports will be in Monday of the MRI.
We have medical insurance!
My grandma is amazing and helps my mom so much.
We got to go to Outback with all the family (Uncle Kirk, Aunt Donna, and Bri, too)
My friends Ryann and Kyle came down to the beach for the weekend and I got to see them tonight and they are driving me back to Campbell on Sunday so Mom doesn't have to make the 5 hour trip.
I talked to Matt for half an hour about everything. My mom is his 'other mother' so he's worried, too, and he helped me stay calm.
I have lots of friends praying.

Moral of the story, boys and girls? Find the bright side. It tends to help you stay sane.

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  1. Yes -- finding the bright side should become a full time hobby! Definitely keeps the insanity down to a dull roar :D

    Bad side: Ginger got skunked at 2:30am. She's an adorable golden retriever, until she decides to retrieve a skunk. NOT very bright side on her part... not bright at all, LOL!

    Bright side: We have a fenced in back yard, she'll spend the night al fresco, and we'll deal with it in the morning.