Monday, April 11, 2011

One Reason Why

Did I mention I love Campbell? :D

Here's my reason of the day:

I remembered this morning that our Science Lab today was going to be traveling to Raven Rock State Park, which isn't far away from campus.

The high today was 91 degrees.

91 degrees + outdoor lab + my heat-triggered seizure disorder = bad bad plan

Thankfully, I saved my professor's cell phone number in my phone at the beginning of the semester when he gave it to all of us.

So I called him and all I got out was "Dr. L, I'm really nervous about going to Raven Rock today" before he said "Oh don't worry about it, talk to me after class tomorrow and I'll come up with a substitute assignment you can do for the lab report."

Just like that. No big deal

At Campbell, I'm not an ID number like I would be at a big university.  My professors know each and every one of their students.  They know what's happening.  I truly believe every one of my professors truly cares about me and my understanding of their class.

I. love. this. school.

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