Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When will I learn?

We pay good money to come to Campbell, you know.

Tuition alone is almost $22,000 a year. 

Add in all the other miscellaneous fees, and you're looking at a crisp $30,000 check coming in every year from about 5000 students.

You'd think with that kind of cash, this place would be hooked up.

Ha, well, I just about had a freak out this morning thanks to Campbell's stellar internet maintenance.

We're in the middle of registration for the fall.  Once you are past your first semester, you can sign up for classes online and then just have your advisor sign off on it after he/she reviews the classes you picked.  There are blocks of days for different people to sign up based on the number of credit hours completed.  Today was the first day that I could sign up.

I got up this morning and as I ate breakfast went on to sign up.  I already talked with my advisor last week, so I knew exactly what classes I wanted.  Well, it took me 30 tries just to get the search box to open up, and then the class came up, and I hit Select to register for it and bum, bum, bum........BLANK SCREEN.

Yes, I'm aware I'm Type A.

Yes, I'm aware that it wasn't crucial that I sign up for classes right that second, or even today, since my block of time is open till Monday.

Yes, I'm aware that I need to realize I can't control everything, or even most things.


Once I got so frustrated that I wasn't getting on that I gave up, I chilled the heck out and realized "Oh, maybe I can go see Dr. Thornton and he'll be able to do it."  So I left a few minutes early for History.  His office is on the floor above the room where my History class is held, so before class I went upstairs and signed up in the thankfully open 12:00 block to see him today.

By some miracle of God, as I was sitting there talking to him, the email came in saying that the important peeps had fixed the website.  It took us a couple tries, but I managed to get all of my main classes taken care of.  And then, of course, it decided to crap out on us as he went to add CUW.  He gave up, seeing as how it's CUW and it's required so I can't possibly ever be denied access.  It was only 12:25 by that point so I still had 35 minutes to kill before French, so I went to the computer lab on the first floor that just so happens to be right next door to my French classroom and signed up for CUW myself.

Man, that was a long freakin' roundabout way to say YAY I AM SIGNED UP FOR THE FALL!!!!! (And aside from one class, World Religions, that was full, I got all the classes I wanted. And I traded out World Religions for Music Appreciation which I need anyway, and it will be nice since I have 2 Government and 1 History classes next week to have 1 class that doesn't require much work. So it's all good!)

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  1. I remember this same thing happening at Penn State. With $40,000 students and an AWFUL LOT of money there, I assumed they would be able to handle the registration day internet rush too. No dice. I remember logging on at midnight my assigned day and always FREAKING OUT because WHAT IF I CAN'T GRADUATE ON TIME BECAUSE THIS CLASS I NEED FILLS UP BEFORE I CAN SIGN ON?! It was definitely one of the most dramatic days each semester, and I am GLAD those days are behind me! Glad you got through and got (mostly) what you wanted!