Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well that was odd.

Since my last blog post was all about the awesomeness that was last night, I figured I should catch you up on today.  Because what a day it has been.

Due to our late arrival back at Campbell last night, I slept in till noon.  Felt good, too.  I ate lunch, and caught up on all I missed online.  About 3:15, I decided to take a shower because I was far too exhausted to do it last night.  It takes like 15 minutes for my water to heat up.  Right after 3:30, I went to turn on my bedroom light, and flash! The power went off. 

Bizarre timing, no?

Then, everything else shut off.  Ha.  I tried to call my RD, but my cell phone reception sucked as usual, and my dorm phone was dead.  So I threw on some clothes and opened my door, and found my RD walking super fast down the hall with a flashlight yelling, "Everyone okay?!  Everyone in the hallway!  We're under a tornado warning!"  Which was a surprise to me because I didn't even hear any storms outside.  I haven't been in a tornado warning in a long, long time.  We don't really get tornadoes on the coast! Haha.  Tornadoes are rare at home, they basically never make it as far east as I live.  The last tornado warning I remember having to hole up for was when we were on our cross country trip in 2001.  In Iowa.

So I went and sat in the middle of the hallway.  With very obnoxious girls.  And then a girl from a nearby apartment building came in with her dog and everyone was telling the owner to let the dog loose and I had to explain to a hallway full of people I frankly don't know that well that THE DOG CAN NOT COME NEAR ME because I AM ALLERGIC and YES I AM SERIOUS.  Then, a girl sitting across from me started waving her flashlight all around really quickly and another girl said "Good thing I'm not epileptic" and I said "But I am, so could you stop, please."  HAH. Talk about awkward moments.

Anyway, we were basically counting down the minutes because we were all bored stiff, and that hall floor is uncomfortable!  The tornado warning was supposed to end at 4:00, and literally at 3:57, our RD came in the hall from manning the front entrance and said it got extended till 4:30.  They first said that we could go to our rooms if we wanted because the tornados seemed to be staying away from us, but like 2 minutes later, we found out tornadoes were in both of the towns that neighbor us.  So back to the hall.  And we sat there till 4:30.  Thankfully I got my iPod at 4:00 because OH MY WORD those girls were obnoxious!  So anyway, long story short, I went back to my room at 4:30, did my French homework by the light coming in my window, and then had to use a bit of my computer battery to finish it.  I texted my mom a bit, and about 5:30 the power finally came back on.

I just saw online that there were 62 tornadoes in North Carolina today.  So far the death toll is 4 for NC along with 17 in three other states.  The closest bad damage I know is that a Food Lion about 10 miles away had its roof torn off. :-/

SO yeah.  This has been quite a weekend.

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