Sunday, April 24, 2011

Color me surprised.

Ryann (and her name is pronounced like Ryan, by the way) and Kyle gave me a ride back to school today. I'd told them about Mom being sick and how she might have a tumor (results tomorrow), and when they came over Friday night, Mom asked them if they'd give me a ride. Her excuse was that it's a lot of gas to use, which is true, but mostly, it was because she feels horrible. (She doesn't know I told anyone. I know she wouldn't want me to, but I need a support system.)

Anyway, that car ride was full of surprises for me. I honest to God had no idea how sweet and caring Ryann and Kyle are, or how much they considered me a friend! They listened to me vent about how stressed/scared I am about what's going on with Mom, I told them about Chelsea, about life after Dad died, everything - at least way more than I normally tell people I'm not very close with!

I don't remember how it came up, but at one point, Ryann asked me what I used to think of her and Kyle, like during last semester's French class when we rarely ever spoke to each other. I told Ryann I thought she was conceited and b*tchy, and I thought Kyle was the really popular guy who only spoke to people that were as cool as he was. They both told me that they thought I was a quiet, studious bookworm who liked to show off her intelligence. Well, today we all admitted that we were completely wrong about each other!

Ryann said it best: "At the beginning of the year, I never would've guessed that the three of us would ever be friends, that we would ever cross paths." Now, she and Kyle are best friends, and she and I are thrilled to get to take a bunch more French classes now that we're both adding a French double major. (Did I forget to mention that? ;))

And it's true. I never thought that a gorgeous, popular athlete and a hot, popular guy would ever want to be friends with me.

So to wrap it up, basically, today, this wonderful Easter Sunday, God has shown me that I am truly BLESSED through the love, friendship, and support of two people with whom I never expected to be friends.

Oh, and the icing on the cake of awesomeness is they both offered to help me move out of my dorm next Thursday. Another kid from our French class, Ian, is bringing his vehicle to help with the bed, and now Holly won't have to miss a shift at work to come help, which is good since she already missed three days because of the car accident.

This is beautiful.

What color would surprised be, anyway?

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