Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I almost went to bed without blogging.

Yesterday was dull. I sat down at the computer wanting to blog, and I literally could not think of a single word to say.

Today? Eh, a little more interesting. I got up an hour early to go help a guy prepare for our Stats exam that was at 11 today. Then I got a migraine (AGAIN) and skipped Science. Then I ate lunch. Then I waited for my migraine to go away. Then I did homework. Then I met with Tyler and created what I think is a hilarious dialogue. Then I watched TV and did more homework. (Glee FINALLY came back!!!) And now here we are.

I actually did have something I wanted to blog about, but now I have another bad migraine, so forget that. I'm going to bed. The thing I want to blog about has absolutely drained my energy.

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