Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SO proud, and yet SO mad.

My mom got called to her principal's office today. We knew it was coming. She's been out a LOT because she's been so sick. Frankly, she was expecting to get fired. Again.

Well, she didn't get fired. BUT not only was the principal trying to get her to resign, he brought into two guys from the county office to intimidate her, too. They're trying to get her to resign because HELLO!, they can't legally fire someone for legit medical reasons.

I have NEVER been more proud of her. I am so proud and honored to say that she is my mother. It takes an unbelievably strong woman to be able to sit there with three men harassing her and being horrible to her and keep her composure. Yet she did just that. Again, I am PROUD.

But also, I am unbelievably infuriated with these jerks who apparently don't have the heart to realize that she is a single mom with health issues working her ass off 24/7 to try and take care of her family. That she is doing everything she possibly can to be there for her family, be there for her students, and make sure she doesn't literally kill herself in the process. (Not talking suicide, just that she's got a crapload of health issues and we still don't know what's wrong or how serious it is.) How can they not understand that?! If I wasn't smart enough to realize it wouldn't do a thing except possibly make it worse, I'd talk to that idiot of a principal. Oh yeah, because did I mention he's blaming my mom for a bunch of lies and stuff that isn't her fault in hopes that he'll soon have enough OTHER reasons to fire her? Yeah. So you get why I'm mad.

Sigh. I'm tired of my mom feeling beat up from all sides, and feeling like she has to be a protective parent and won't let me help her or be there for her.


  1. I'm so sorry that your mom is dealing with this, Mal. Praying her health/stress issues will subside so that she can rest a while... praying for peace, not only for you and your mom, but for the hearts of those men who have confronted her in this antagonistic manner. I pray their hearts are softened and that God has been the witness to her character in front of them so that they will know to flee their lies and wicked ways.

    ((((((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))))))

  2. I'd get a lawyer and fast. You would be shocked how "quickly" they would back off.