Monday, April 25, 2011

The Last Monday

That's crazy.

Once this semester is over, I may never see some of my friends again. I can think of four who are graduating, and one who is transferring, and I may be forgetting some. (It's late.) That's sad. Goodbyes are hard. And please don't give me the cliché "It's not goodbye, it's see you later" because I've heard it.

But that aside, this semester has FLOWN. BY.

It's been crazy.

It's been good great.

It's been full of surprises.

I have learned so many things about myself this semester. I have made friends with people I never in a million years would've guessed I'd be friends with. I joined my first Bible study. I came further out of my shell. I stopped being homesick. My health was finally (relatively) normal. I got to help lots of people. I got to go to my first real concert.

No, I haven't been a fan of some of my classes, and I'm ready for those to be done, but part of me wishes that I could stay with the people who have helped shape me.

On Wednesday, our French class (of six people) is having an end of the year party to celebrate that three of us six, Kyle, Tyler, and Ian, are graduating. Tyler and Ian are the two guys I've pretty much dragged through the semester, and Kyle, as I've already said this week, has quickly become more of a friend than I ever thought was possible. (Yeah, I know, Ephesians 3:20.) I plan on taking my camera in order to memorialize the last time the four of us are together. Heck, Kyle's apparently moving to France, so who knows when any of us will see him again? It's going to be a beautiful but bittersweet day. At least I'll get to see Kyle and Ryann next week when they help me move, and Ian, and Tyler maybe. Then that really will be the end.

But let's not think about that right now. I'm off to finish my last Lifetime Wellness lab. 15 labs are due on Wednesday, and once I finish this last one, I'll have done 14 since Saturday.

Oh come on. What kind of a college student would I be if I didn't procrastinate on something? ;)

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