Monday, August 2, 2010


Just before we were leaving to go to my appointment in Wilmington today, my doctor's nurse called and said that they misscheduled my appointment, and that it was too early to change the cast out, as it hadn't been two weeks yet. (Weird that it took them this long to realize it, but whatever.) Mom explained to them that this cast was cutting my leg badly, so even if they didn't do the cast change, we really needed them to cut the top of this one off, because I couldn't take it anymore.

That's what they did. It was also good that we went down there because I needed more pain medicine, and they can't call that in because Percocet is a "controlled substance." Plus, my grandma Frances (dad's mom) got to see Blake, which is always important. Of course, this means we have to go back down there AGAIN next Monday, but it was worth it to prevent the cut on my knee and the open raw spot on the back of my thigh from getting any worse. Other good news is that we managed to get my final cast removal appointment set up for September 7th, the day after Labor Day, which works out perfectly since I will already be home for the holiday, anyway. It's much less complicated that way.

Chelsea's in the hospital with gall bladder problems, and will probably be having surgery tomorrow. I'm sorry she's in pain, and I'm glad that they're fixing it since she's had this pain for several weeks now, but good LORD, that child is dramatic! I'll just leave it at that.




Oh, you get the point.

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